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The Smarald® filter bottle is my faithful companion on trips and mountain bike tours. With it you can filter and ionize spring water on the way. Just awesome! The built-in compass is a nice gimmick! The filter of the bottle can also be replaced, so no completely new bottle must be bought. That convinced me! In addition, the bottle is made of BPA-free Tritan! Value for money: TOP!

Bernd Stößlein, 20.06.2019

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Good day, Mr. Schall,

I have had your anti-aging shower shower for several months now. Since then, my Psoriais has gone away and my skin feels much better. When showering, I hardly need hair shampoo, it's wonderful. A completely different showering pleasure, because the active ingredients are absorbed much better through the skin, especially magnesium. Everyone should get this for their fitness, health and body.
Best regards
04.01.2016 Jürgen Joseph J. from 18209 Wittenbeck

M. Tatjana 03.06.2011
The water from this shower has actually different quality. After four weeks I do not have a dandruff anymore. My daughter has no more skin irritation. I will recommend the shower to anyone. Many thanks!

Sch. Heiko 12.05.2011
I am completely convinced of the product. It applies 100% to the description. I have been using it for over a year now and I am very satisfied with it. You immediately notice the difference between normal showering and with a showerhead, from the smell of water to the soft water feeling. Thank you for the recommendation.