Fruit boxes, wine boxes, DECO boxes

Wooden boxes
Wooden boxes, fruit boxes, wine boxes
Very practical DECO wooden boxes. Whether for furniture, decoration and shelves made of wooden boxes are entirely to your taste. The furniture from wine boxes & fruit boxes is universal, practical and fits all living styles. Without any previous structural knowledge, you can build your own furniture from our boxes.

We also offer very nice furniture made from wooden boxes or pallets. Whether a coffee table made of wooden boxes in variable designs, bedside tables, stools, desks or shelves or seats as pallet furniture. Wine crate furniture offers a lot of storage space, brings a special story into your home and looks very conformable thanks to the wood look.
Wooden box 50x40x32 nature
Material: solid wood
Size: 50 x 40 x 32 cm
Special features: planed and set. Individual floor installation possible, self-installation of partition walls possible.
Color: Natural, Flamed, White,
Exclusive: We manufacture depth measurements for you on request!
25,98 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Wooden boxes
Wooden boxes directly from the manufacturer. Buy beautiful new wooden boxes such as fruit boxes, wine boxes or bottle crates in our Smarald® online shop. With our unique wooden boxes you can create stable shelves and furniture. Our decorative wooden boxes provide the perfect basis for installing shelves, tables, shoe racks, shoe boxes, bookshelves, coffee tables made from fruit boxes or other furniture. Whether flamed natural or white, individually according to your taste.