You will find in our smarald® online shop both filter systems (water filters) for the drinking water and wellness area with extensive accessories, as well as numerous products to increase your vitality.

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is our own brand and stands for well-being, wellness and vitality. We offer products in the areas of drinking water, wellness, relaxation and vitality. Detailed information on the special properties of smarald water can be found here: Information
Our smarald® team has been working on the subject of reduced water for years. All of our products, which we have developed ourselves and provide here, have been tested in lengthy processes.

For our well-being, wellness and vitality areas, reduced water plays a crucial role. But what is meant by these keywords anyway?

Well-being: A good physical and mental condition, ie health, is referred to as well-being. It is important to promote, maintain or restore this condition in the event of illness. This happens u.a. by means of a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and sleep, the care of pleasant social contacts and wellness.

Wellness: By this we mean everything that supports the physical and mental well-being and offers relaxation. Wellness has long since developed from a trend to a philosophy of life! These include sauna sessions, targeted massages and beauty treatments, but also memory training to promote mental flexibility, yoga and treatments to support a positive attitude towards life. The term wellness is not protected, and therefore not well defined. In the end, however, you can summarize anything that does us good and relaxes.

Vitality: This is the ability of an organism to survive and thrive under the prevailing environmental conditions. Vitality is health, energy and joie de vivre, the openness for new things and the desire to learn, but also the physical and mental resilience of a person. The more vital a person is, the better he gets along with life, the younger and healthier he looks and has a good chance of growing old.

These three pillars are of enormous importance to us all. There are all sorts of ways to improve, promote or restore one's own state of health. This includes the consumption and enjoyment of pure, pollutant-free water, which supports the body internally and externally in its functions.

For this purpose we offer filter systems (water filters) and products for the production of reduced water. Here, normal drinking water is filtered, freed of its pollutants and enriched with negative ions. The vital minerals are preserved and refined. In this way, a water is created, which supplies the body with all the important nutrients and at the same time acts as a powerful antioxidant, ie acts as a radical scavenger.

Get started today on reduced (basic) water, your health will thank you!

We wish you a lot of pleasure in the smarald® online shop! Let us surprise you positively!

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